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Sabbuth is a survival horror game that I was approached to write the score, contribute sound design and implement audio using Unreal Engine and Fmod.


You can download and play here:

An action-adventure set in the retro-futuristic world of Esluna. After her mentor is abducted by a renegade monk, a relic hunter and her crew must find the Crown of Babylon, an ancient artifact rumoured to have the power to bring back the dead. I edited the foley for this action packed animated full length film.

Vita Core is multiplayer MOBA built from scratch to completion in two months. I contributed to designing SFX and UI, Recorded, Cut and Processed the Dialog and Foley.

You can download and play here:

Adamant  Poster (2020).png

Superhero Adamant squares off with anti-hero Mayhem as they discuss the moral and ethical ramifications of being a "hero." I had the pleasure of blurring the line between score and sound design to enhance feeling and emotion of this dark film.

Hermanas Poster .png

Hermanas is a emotional drama of two sisters with fantasy elements. I wrote a emotional orchestral  score and mixed for a 5.1 system. 

In Paradise Poster.png

While fleeing from an apocalyptic mist, Ana and Adam are forced to confront an eternal dilemma: to keep running or to cherish what's left. I did a music edit and mixed this film for a 5.1 system. 

I entered the West World Scoring Competition hosted by Spitfire. On this project, I tried to do a more modern styled score. West World is based in a future dystopian setting so I thought it was important to keep it synth heavy with a very light use of classic instrumentation.

This is my take on a clip from Tom Clancy’s The Division 2: Warlords of New York Animated Short Animation. I stripped the audio from the original video and did a complete re-design of the SFX. All sounds have been originally recorded with custom processing or created with synths.  

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